Yellowish tub, the trick of the broom to clean it perfectly: effortless

yellowish tub

Cleaning a yellowish bathtub can be a very difficult problem to solve if you do not want to resort to using certain products that undoubtedly give excellent results, but are not really recommended for your health.

The yellowed tub  becomes unusable  even if you wash it once a day, perhaps improperly. Being one of the most used bathroom elements, especially in summer, it is advisable to take care of it continuously, with care, attention and a lot of free time, which in any case is no guarantee.

In fact,  despite repeated washing, care and attention  , it gets dirty easily. The first cause is the bubble bath, which often sticks to the bottom and sides. A second cause is the presence of limestone, which is especially present in hot water.

No to chemicals and harmful substances, some products we use in the kitchen are miraculous

Cleaning the yellowed bathtub is quite exhausting  , only with chemical products  you can obtain acceptable results, although this way also requires effort and a lot of free time. In the end the result will be acceptable but will not live up to expectations.

In order not to use  substances that are harmful to health and  also aggressive for the toilets themselves, which can stain irreparably, you can use products that are usually useful for cleaning in the kitchen, as well as for cooking. We are talking about baking soda,  an alkaline substance that cleans properly  , acting on mold and fungi, thanks to its basic pH. Added to these is the use of the broom, however absurd it may seem.

Here’s What You Should Use to Make Your Yellowed Bathtub Look New Again

In addition to baking soda,  you should also use a little dish detergent,  together they create a kind of abrasive paste, which removes the dirt present on the entire surface of the yellowed tub. The paste can be used to clean the inside as well as the outside of the bathtub.

The first thing we must do to clean the interior  is to spray a strong jet of water to remove hair  and dirt from the surface. Then, turn off the tap and pour some baking soda at the bottom, add some dish soap, at this point use the key element, i.e. the floor broom, then scrub well, carefully, for a few minutes. It goes without saying that the broom must be new, perfectly clean and sanitized.

We must continue  until the background is white again  . It will take a maximum of 2 minutes. If this does not happen, it may be helpful to leave the cream on for half an hour. After this time you can rinse with plenty of water and the tub will be like new.

How to use the compound in other bathroom accessories.

You can also  clean the bathtub faucets, or the hose and shower head in the same way. The same also applies to the taps of all toilets, both indoor and outdoor.

The important thing is  to rinse with plenty of water  and then wipe with a clean cloth to dry carefully, especially the taps which otherwise lose their shine.

Yellowish and grooved tub, here’s what to do

If the bathtub is damaged, it is recommended to frequently use baking soda which, in addition to cleaning, minimizes the grooves, without damaging the  enamel of the bathtub  , as any other chemical product can do.

If the scratches are deep enough, you can dilute the baking soda with white vinegar, which in this case acts as a degreaser and disinfectant. To prepare the mixture, add some baking soda and  add pure vinegar, without water.  Then, pour the mixture over the affected areas and rub with a broom, using circular movements and focusing especially on the dirtiest areas, which require more effort.