By adding this component you can clean your window panes wonderfully!;

Avoid lines with this tip! 

Cleaning windows is not one of the most popular household tasks. As soon as you’re done and notice the lines that have appeared, this doesn’t really add any joy… In this article we’ll show you exactly how you can avoid this!

Cleaning windows is not a popular activity. But this can also be completely different! A while ago we wrote an article about how crucial the right time is for window cleaning. We have also informed you about the best way to clean the windows so that lines cannot form in the first place. However, there is another tip to prevent those annoying lines.

What do you need for this? Just a little vinegar! Prepare your soapy water as usual (i.e. hot water and a tiny amount of dish soap). Now add some vinegar (it should only be a little!). This is very effective and will help you avoid lines! Finally, always use newspaper to wipe away any finer streaks.