Cooking towels full of dirt and grease? Here’s the secret to cleaning them forever!

Kitchen rags are undoubtedly the kitchen accessories that fill up with dirt and grease more quickly. But they should always be kept clean to prevent them from getting dirty.

So today we’re going to reveal the secret to having spotlessly clean tea towels in no time. You can remove all traces of dirt and grease in no time.

Every day we face the problem of dirty tea towels filled with grease. And no matter how much you wash them, they can’t be clean and new.

But today you will discover infallible solutions that will keep your tea towels fresh, clean and spotless. To do this, take a few minutes to find out by reading this article at the end.

Wash them regularly with hot, soapy water to prevent the growth of bacteria in your tea towels. You can also use antibacterial cleaners with a special formula to remove germs. You should also dry the kitchen rags for a long time before using them to prevent germs from multiplying.

Experts also recommend replacing dirty tea towels from time to time. Typically you need to use them for two days and then replace them. C is a way to avoid the accumulation of harmful bacteria in tea towels.

However, not everyone knows the secret to thoroughly cleaning cloths stained with grease.

Fat tea towels: how to clean them carefully?

Are you tired of dirty and greasy tea towels? “No need to worry” as there are natural methods to keep them clean without using chemicals. All you need to do is prepare this home remedy with a few ingredients that you already have at home.

Take a bowl and grind a pill of aspirin into a fine powder. Then add two tablespoons of salt, half a glass of hydrogen peroxide and a few drops of neutral detergent. Mix all ingredients well.

When the mixture is ready, dip the dirty clothes in it and leave it for an hour. All ingredients remove the toughest dirt and grease stains.

Meanwhile, gently grate them and insert them into the mixture. When time is up, rinse with warm deodorant to remove any remaining dirt. Allow them to dry before reusing them.