Dirty and embedded networks: how to make them shine without spending a lot of money?

In summer we spend a lot of time on the terrace or barbecuing in the garden. But first you need to use a clean, pristine device.

If you have dirty and integrated barbecues, you don’t need to spend a fortune on commercial cleaning products. Here, we explain how to make them shine again with simple DIY solutions.

Roasting is one of the best things about summer. Before you can enjoy this delicious experience, you must first ensure that your grill is impeccably clean.

Yes, it might be a bit cumbersome to clean, but if you follow these awesome tips you’ll be grilling like new in no time.

Clean dirty grids with coarse salt

Coarse salt is an effective ingredient for cleaning grates in no time. This is the procedure to follow.

Heat the grill: light the fire and heat the grill for up to 15 minutes. This removes food waste and makes cleaning easier.
Prepare the coarse salt: Take a small amount of coarse salt and pour it onto the grill while it is still hot. Be careful not to burn yourself.
Rub the grill: Now take a special grill brush and rub the coarse salt over the entire surface of the grill. Make sure you rub the grill bars and sides.
Eliminate traces of salt: Once you have rubbed the salt off the grill, take a cloth and run it over the grill to remove salt and other food particles.
Use white vinegar to shine the pickled grills

All you have to do to keep your grills clean and shiny is use white vinegar and follow these simple steps.

Cool the Grill: Before you begin cleaning, process a completely cold grill to avoid burns.
Prepare a white vinegar solution: Take equal amounts of white vinegar and eau and pour them into a spray bottle. Shake vigorously to mix.
Spray the cleaning solution onto the grill: When the solution is ready, spray it thoroughly onto the surface of the grill, focusing on dirty and recessed areas. Then let the solution work for a few minutes to release the burned waste.
Brush the grill: After this time, rub the surface vigorously with a thick bristle brush. Pay particular attention to areas that are very dirty or difficult to clean. White vinegar works effectively to remove dirt.