Method of the pot: say goodbye to ants on the balcony! You’ll never see her again!

Are ants invading your balcony? ¡Don’t worry, don’t worry! Thanks to this technique, you can say goodbye to them forever. ¡It won’t take long to get the results you want!

When ants inhabit your balcony, they can cause discomfort and annoyance. To get rid of it, you do not need to resort to toxic chemicals: natural tricks are more effective.

Find out how to get rid of ants on your balcony in this article. The result: a clean and comfortable outdoor area.

Natural methods for hunting ants from the balcony

You can get rid of ants by taking preventative measures, using natural repellents or the pot method.

Regular cleaning

To prevent these insects from entering your balcony, it is important to clean it regularly. To do this, remove crumbs, food waste and other particles that can attract ants.

You must also clean all surfaces, especially the floors, sills and walls, using natural products such as white vinegar or lemon juice diluted in eau.

Block possible access points

Ants can go through cracks and crevices. To prevent them from reaching your balcony, you must cover all openings, including places where pipes and cables pass, with putty or silicone. You also need to seal the windows and doors tightly to prevent the insects from entering.

Create natural barriers

You can use some natural substances to make a natural ant repellent.

For example, create repellent barriers around your balcony with ingredients like cinnamon, coffee grounds, chili powder, or peppermint essential oil. Simply spread them around the balcony or at strategic entry points.

Use of repellent plants

Many plants act as repellents to keep ants away. You can choose thyme, mint or absinthe to put it on the balcony and create a green space that ants hate. These plants smell intensely, which the ants do not bear, and flee immediately.