Dampness in the house: the most effective means to solve this unpleasant problem

What effective measures can we take to combat humidity in the home and prevent disasters?

Humidity in the house is a pretty big problem that can cause us a lot of headaches. By the time we realize that we are dealing with this inconvenience, it may also be too late to correct the destructive effects associated with this aspect.

In fact, the presence of moisture in the house can lead to the total destruction of the walls and ceilings of the rooms, which are one of the greatest dangers  in the house may be affected.

The most common source of humidity in the home is usually the unhealthy habit of leaving the room closed after taking a hot shower or bath or used the dryer, dishwasher or washing machine .

Moisture in the house, remedial measures to prevent possible damage

A washing machine was just opened after washing

After operation, these devices must be opened to allow the hot and humid air generated inside them to escape. Likewise, the shower doors must be opened wide after use, so that the humidity does not always concentrate.

But if you don’t open a window to continue with the necessary recycling the moist air will eventually settle on the interior surfaces. And if you do this from time to time, mold will appear, which will leave increasingly noticeable traces on the walls. It is no coincidence that the rooms in the house where this problem occurs most are the bathroom and the kitchen.

And also the penetration of water from outside can cause damage to the walls and ceiling of the house and erode the plaster, causing mold to form. What can we do to prevent this?

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All the tools and habits that will help us

As already mentioned, a first piece of advice is to promote the exchange of air indoors. Especially where warm, moist air occurs. The extractor hoods in the kitchen and the extractor hoods in the bathrooms are a great help. Especially if there is not enough space to install a window.

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We then try to avoid drying the laundry at home and putting it directly on the radiators. Cloths and textiles removed from the washing machine should always be left outside to dry.

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If we really can’t do without it, we should instead equip ourselves with a dehumidifier that we turn on every time we put the laundry out to dry. A regular air conditioner can do the same thing and act as a dehumidifier.

And then there are Anti-humidity patches on the market that are specifically designed for this resistance. In addition, we can reduce the amount of moisture in the air in the house by placing bowls of coarse salt everywhere.