Dirty kitchen tiles: degrease with minimal effort

Just thinking about dirty kitchen tiles makes us tired. And yet, sooner or later, you have to clean the tiles that cover your kitchen surfaces. There is no doubt that they are dirty, damaged by grease and various unsightly marks. In other words, it is a true breeding ground for germs and bacteria. To avoid contamination of your culinary preparations, follow this simple degreasing tip.

Dirty kitchen tiles: degrease with minimal effort

Stop using products on the market that are not even effective. What’s more, chemical components have no place on our planet.

To remove scale from your tiles, you will need:

2 tablespoons of Marseille soap and another 2 of baking soda to sanitize and perfume;
1 tablespoon of lemon juice to optimize the degreasing and perfuming action;
and water.

How to use?

Mix to make a DIY natural cleaner;
Specifically, dissolve the soap in a water bath to obtain a homogeneous and soft mixture;
Add the baking soda and mix well;
Continue with the filtered lemon juice;
When you have the solution, put it in a spray bottle;
Spray directly on greasy and encrusted surfaces;
Wait 5 minutes and rub with a sponge;
Rinse with warm water and dry well;
Repeat the cleaning after a week.