You just  entered the shower  and can’t wait to get out because a  strange smell  hits your nose. How many times has this happened to you?  I guess often!

The  smell in the shower drain  is actually a common problem due to  the drain being clogged.

But no fear! You can  fix this  by  trying the bottle method.  Let’s see together what it is!

What will you discover?

With citric acid

Trying this  bottle method   is really a no-brainer, as all you  need is 1 liter of demineralized water  and 150g  of citric acid  , a citrus-derived ingredient with  powerful anti-limescale properties  .

So all you have to do is   pour the water  into an old recycling bottle and then   add the citric acid   , preferably with a funnel  so that it doesn’t fall down  . Then close the bottle with the lid and  shake everything vigorously   to help the citric acid dissolve.

And here the compound is ready  to rid your shower drains of that terrible sewage smell!  At this point all you have to do is pour this mixture down the shower drain,   let it sit for a few minutes   and then pour a bucket of very hot water over it. You will notice that not only does the water flow better through the drain, but  there are no longer any traces of odor!

With vinegar and lemon

As an alternative to citric acid, you can also  combine two other ingredients  that are also known for their limescale-inhibiting, cleaning and degreasing properties. What are we talking about? Some  vinegar and lemon!  In addition, lemon also helps  to perfume the entire bathroom thanks to its intoxicating smell!

So in this case you have to   pour 400 ml of vinegar   and the   juice of one lemon   into a plastic bottle and shake vigorously to  mix the ingredients well.

Now pour the  resulting mixture into the shower drain  and leave it to work for a few hours or overnight. The next day, pour  a bucket of hot water and say goodbye to bad smells!

Note:   There is a long debate about using vinegar in drains, as this approach apparently isn’t exactly ecological. Therefore, it would be ideal to prefer alternative methods, especially citric acid. We remind you not to use this remedy if you have a marble shower.

More tricks to get rid of the smell in the drains

So far we have learned about the   bottle method  , which allows us to put all the ingredients in the bottle and proceed quickly. In addition to this trick  , there are others that are just as quick to try.  Let’s see them together!

baking powder and salt

Here’s another super effective pair for eliminating bad shower drain odors:  salt and baking soda.  In fact, both ingredients have   strong absorbent properties  and are therefore  used to make scented DIY moisture absorbers! 

In this case, all you have to do is   pour 200 grams of bicarbonate and 200 grams of salt   down the shower drain, wait a few seconds for the mixture to flow through the pipes, and then pour a pot of slowly  boiling water   down the drain. At this point, leave it on, rinse everything and   you’re done!

Lemon cap

Finally, let’s look  at another very simple trick  , which again involves the use of  lemon  , this time in the  “scent plug for drains” version.

Then   pour  500 ml of water into a pot and bring to the boil, then add 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and the juice of one lemon to the pot.

Cut a slice of lemon on the side (preferably in the middle so it’s bigger). To try the remedy, you must first   place the lemon slice on the shower drain   and pour the hot mixture of  water, lemon juice and baking soda over it.  In the end, you will smell a pleasant smell throughout the bathroom and the  smell of the shower drains will only be a bad memory!