Grandma’s Super Easy Needle Threading Trick: All You Need Is a Bottle Cap

A handy guide to building your own original needle threader yourself!

Our grandmothers knew one more than the devil! By necessity they had to practice virtues, so they had many fewer comforts than today. Accustomed to having  threaders  that can be bought in haberdashery stores, we have somewhat lost the ability to get ahead.

A method to have your own needle threader

However, it is enough to return to ancient popular knowledge to discover a truly  effective and economical method  . This is provided that you already have the few elements necessary to carry out the work available. This may be a good idea to try with your young children, if you have any. At a young age, they love creating things with their little hands.

In addition to being useful, the idea allows you to spend time together. Unfortunately, we spend less and less time between work and school. A simple sign will allow you to relate. Obviously, to make the needle threader with children, we warmly invite you to carefully follow each step. Overwhelmed by enthusiasm, in fact, they risk being  stung  if you do not remain attentive to the situation.

Needle in closeup

As the word itself says, needle threaders help thread  sewing thread  . We use it perhaps because we don’t see each other much, but mostly because of the  rush  . In four and four eight you will solve it here.

The method that we are going to illustrate to you now requires very few materials, namely:

  • a thin steel wire;
  • a bottle cap;
  • a scissors (or a cutter);
  • a little glue (optional).

Take the  bottle cap  and cut off the crown with scissors (or a cutter). Cut a small piece of  steel wire  (fine gauge) and make an eyelet. After that, place it in the slot of the lid you just made, with  the eye  facing out.

Thread on the needle

Maybe put a little  glue on it  to keep everything in place. Then insert the buttonhole into the eye of the  needle  and sewing thread – that’s it! The needle will be threaded in no time. You can store the accessory obtained in your sewing box, along with the other tools of the trade.