Hanging a bag of water in the kitchen drawers: that is the motivation

Not everyone knows that hanging water bags on kitchen drawer handles will solve one of the most common and annoying household problems. What happens is really unexpected: let’s find out more.

The old remedies, the ones our grandmothers used, are still the best. It is correct to know them and put them into practice, for example, do you know what happens if you hang a   bag of water   in the kitchen drawers or anywhere else in the house? You will solve a whole problem: let’s find out what is happening, you will be surprised as soon as you find out.

Water bag hanging in the drawers

Have you ever seen objects hanging outside doors? It may seem strange to you, but it is a brilliant idea, because it will help you solve a really annoying problem. That is, you will hunt many   annoying insects   that invade your homes all the time, such as flies, bees, wasps or mosquitoes.

This is a discomfort that should not be underestimated at all, since they can also cause various problems for human health, in fact, many people are   allergic   to bee or wasp stings. Furthermore, this remedy is completely natural, ecological, effective and above all economical. You won’t have to spend money on all those chemicals you buy at the supermarket to keep these insects away: let’s find out more.


Repel insects with simple water bags: all the details

Hanging bags of water in drawers is a fantastic and quick solution to keep all types of insects away. You will only have to take a transparent plastic bag and pour a little tap water into it and add some simple   balls of aluminum foil. 

Next, provide yourself with a rubber band to perfectly close these bags that you will have to hang with another rubber band or with a thread. You can use freezer bags, these will work, or if you don’t have aluminum foil, use coins   

water bag

Hang these bags in kitchen drawers or on the patio. In this way, you will keep all those annoying insects away, since the sheet will reflect in the water thanks to sunlight or artificial light. These types of reflections   will greatly bother these animals, in fact, they will do everything possible to get away from you and your homes.

This amazing remedy is really convenient and fast. Plus, you won’t have to spend as much money on   pesticides.  These are chemicals, they work but can be harmful to human health. If the solution that we have just explained to you is not effective, you can always buy aromatic plants that will help you solve this problem in a completely natural way.

Without a doubt, we advise you   to always choose a method   that does not have any impact on the environment and your health, it is important to safeguard the well-being of the planet and ours as well.