How do you get shiny glasses in the dishwasher using natural remedies?

How do you get shiny glasses in the dishwasher using natural remedies?  Washing glasses in a machine does not always bring the expected result. In fact  , it’s not uncommon for glasses to be smelly, opaque, or water-stained.  To solve this problem, you should know that there are doubly effective methods based on the use of natural products. This makes the use of rinse aid optional.

How do you get shiny glasses in the dishwasher with lemon?

Lemon is a must when it comes to  cleaning  or  degreasing  surfaces. Thanks to the  cleansing effect  of this citrus fruit with its sweet scent, you will find glasses that are like new and smell pleasantly good.

To do this, simply pour  the juice of a lemon into the dish rack  next to the glasses.  Start the rinse cycle  and you will get  shiny  and fragrant glasses.

How do you use vinegar for this task?

Vinegar is used as a prewash solution   So it works directly on the stains. To do this, pour  the vinegar into a spray bottle  .  Spray your glasses  with the vinegar.  Place the glasses in the dishwasher  and  then run a normal cycle  . Bad smells and stains disappear immediately.

How about citric acid?

To do this, 150 g  of citric acid must be dissolved  in 1 liter of water  .  Perfume by adding a few drops of lemon essential oil  . So ! Your homemade rinse aid is ready.  Simply put the product in the  rinse aid dispenser and the rinse cycle can start.

How do I get shiny glasses in the dishwasher with baking soda?

Sodium bicarbonate  is ideal for vacuum washing  . This natural product can also be used to care for your glasses. To do this, pour  a handful of baking soda over all the glasses and then put them in the dishwasher  .  Do a regular wash  and that’s it.

You can  also use baking soda on plates or other dishes  . All your utensils will regain their shiny appearance after washing.