In  summer ,  feet are  particularly  prone to sweating and  developing unpleasant odors.

And what an embarrassment it is when  we take off our shoes in front of others and  that annoying stench  hits our noses.

But no fear! Today we will see together  how you can use these tricks to prevent your feet from smelling in the heat!

What will you discover?

The right shoes

First of all, it is important  to choose the right type of shoes,  that is, breathable shoes that allow the foot to “breathe” and do not make it sweat too much.

Therefore, avoid wearing shoes that  are still damp or wet and could transfer the smell to your feet.  Therefore, if you have smelly shoes, we recommend   that you sprinkle a little cornstarch into the shoes, let it sit for a while, and then shake the shoes out to remove the powder.

In fact, cornstarch is known for its ability to absorb bad odors and moisture   If the smell in your shoes is particularly persistent,  it’s better to wash them straight away!