For many people,  going out onto the balcony  at this time is a real nightmare because they fear  being “attacked” by wasps and bees.

Unfortunately, the heat  inevitably brings these insects  onto the balcony  , where a nest could form over time  .

That’s why  we need to remove them  to prevent this! How? Keep wasps and bees away when you’re on the balcony with  these DIY hacks!

What will you discover?


The first remedy is the use  of coffee, whose intoxicating smell is poorly tolerated by  insects such as wasps and bees  . Therefore, to try it, you will have to put some  ground coffee in a fireproof container  , such as a resistant metal ashtray or an aluminum container, and then  burn it with a match.

You will notice that the coffee  releases its aroma into the air and keeps wasps and bees away! Of course, we recommend that you  place it  in those places of the balcony where you  have noticed the presence of these insects the most!


Another effective food ingredient to ward off wasps and bees on the balcony is  garlic  , which  is also effective against cockroaches  and other insects in the household because it   acts as a natural pesticide .

In this case, we therefore recommend that you  mix 10 grams of chopped garlic  in   1 liter of water and then pour   the resulting mixture into a  spray bottle. At this point, vaporize it on the balcony, in the places where the most bees and wasps are, or  on the railing and it’s game over!

If you want, you can  also mix the garlic juice directly  with a large amount of water or  leave a bunch of garlic hanging on the balcony.

Note:  We recommend that you never spray this mixture indoors as the very strong smell may bother you.

Essential Oil

If you don’t have any special remedies against wasps and bees at home, you can also  use essential oils  , which are known for their perfuming effects! We remind you that  they are used in household cleaning to bring a good smell to the house!

The most effective against these insects are  essential oils  from eucalyptus, laurel, lavender, basil and citronella. So all you have to do is   mix a few drops of oil with water  and spray the mixture directly onto your balcony. Alternatively, you can also add a few drops of oil to the room diffusers and place them on the balcony.

The  wasps on the balcony will only be a bad memory!


Cucumber is a vegetable that is poorly tolerated by wasps and bees because it  contains  a very special acid  . So why not try to keep them away from our balcony?

Simply cut  a cucumber into slices  and then place them on the balcony as a kind of defensive barrier or use cucumber peels.  Goodbye wasps!


Finally, let’s look at one last trick that  involves the use of citronella  , which  is also used to repel mosquitoes and flies.

We therefore recommend that you   use candles with this scent and light them on the balcony. Not only do they beautify this outdoor area and make it particularly inviting,  you can also stay on the balcony without having to fear the arrival of bees and wasps!

How to prevent their arrival

So far we have  seen some remedies  to keep away the wasps and bees that already inhabit your balcony. But what can you do instead to  prevent their arrival  ? Let’s see it together!

First, we recommend that you   fill  any holes or cavities in the attic with foam , as wasps like to nest there.  In addition, you should avoid   placing flowers that are too colorful in those parts of the balcony where we spend the most time, as the colors strongly attract wasps. It is ideal  to place these flowers further away.

Finally, remember to never   leave   waste or food such as sugary drinks, meat and proteins on the balcony, as they attract wasps and bees, and always store these foods in tightly closed containers.