How to eliminate persistent odors from clothes?

Our famous grandmothers used baking soda. Without water but in a closed bag where we enclose the smelly clothes, we add baking soda, shake so that it disperses everywhere and wait 12 hours.

Then, when we take the clothes out of the bag, we brush them.

You can also soak the clothes with a little baking soda, which is THE product that acts against all bad odors and sometimes even against the smell of cat urine, which is the most stubborn and the most difficult to eliminate.

Without having to look for baking soda, which is often not available, you can also try washing it in cold water or simply putting it in the dryer, but this method will not make the strong odors disappear.

If you also want to wash the garment that smells bad, you can first let it soak for half an hour in hot water to which you add a few soda crystals.

The famous Coca-Cola also has good effects on solid clothing, especially work clothes, especially when it smells of oil, fuel oil or gasoline.

For tobacco smell, adding a few drops of white vinegar to the water before soaking will help eliminate the cold tobacco smell that no one can tolerate.

White vinegar also eliminates the smell of sweat like aspirin (  always soaking the garment beforehand)   but sweat in the latter case is expensive, right?