How to get a fuzzy sweater back – tips on how to get rid of it

When you were putting away the sweaters and T-shirts from your winter wardrobe, did you notice any annoying lint?

This is a common problem with fabrics. To remedy this, all you need is a simple kitchen sponge: Here you will find a quick and easy tip for how to do it.

Take a deep breath before making rash and drastic decisions like throwing away your favorite clothes. We all know that there are many products on the market that solve this problem. However, there is no reason to spend a fortune when the solution is already at home and does not cost us a penny.

A kitchen sponge that puts an end to lint on sweaters and T-shirts

It’s inevitable that these clothes will always end up covered in lint. No matter how carefully we wash, iron, store and store them, they always end up shedding. And of course, clothes look worn out when they aren’t. But with the help of a kitchen sponge we can fix the problem in just a few steps.

First, get a new sponge. We avoid staining or discoloring the fabric by using a used sponge. Make sure it and the sweater or item of clothing in question are dry. Place it on a flat surface, such as a table or even the floor, and start scrubbing the fabric with the abrasive part of the sponge.

We must be firm and determined, but not exaggerate. This method will take some time because we have to process the entire garment little by little. But the result will be truly incredible: our garment will be like new, without even a bit of lint to bother us! Then we can thoroughly clean the fabric with a fabric brush and maybe do a simple wash and that’s it.