How to soften rough bath towels – grandma’s tips for soft towels

It’s nice to always have soft towels. However, we do not always get this softness because they tend to become rough and dry over time due to incorrect washing and drying methods.

For this reason, today we will look together at the method of how to soften towels quickly and easily!

Here’s how to do it

To soften towels, an environmentally friendly ingredient is used: citric acid. Citric acid is a natural softener and is known for its cleaning and odor-fighting properties, which also eliminate the damp smell often found on these clothes.

So simply add 150 grams of citric acid to a liter of water and mix. To give this fabric softener an intense scent, add 10 drops of lavender or mint essential oil.

Now put everything in an old bottle, pour about 100 ml of this mixture into the detergent drawer of the washing machine, place the towels in the drum and carry out the appropriate wash cycle by setting the correct temperature.

You can also pour the mixture directly into the drum and voilà: your towels will be so soft you’ll want to stroke yourself!

More tips for soft towels

In addition to this citric acid method, there are other ingredients that can soften rough, dry towels. Let’s see them together!

White wine vinegar

Simply add 4 tablespoons of vinegar to the fabric softener drawer and start the wash cycle! When washing your hands, on the other hand, you need to add the same amount to a bucket of water and soak the towels in it.

Vinegar not only softens towels, but it also helps brighten yellowed towels and revive the colors of colored towels!

Marseille soap

Add 2 tablespoons of grated or liquid Marseille soap to the washing machine tank or directly to the drum and start the wash cycle.


Add 2 packets of chamomile to a liter of hot water and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wait for the mixture to cool and pour it into a basin of water. Now let the towels soak for about ten minutes, rinse them and let them dry.

Note: We recommend that you soak towels that have already been washed and rinsed; Chamomile is only used for softening and not for washing and disinfecting.