Tips on how to stop ironing bed linen – grandmother’s advice and techniques

We could define bed sheets as the “unruly fabrics” of bed linen.

But what’s the secret to keeping your bedding smooth and wrinkle-free?

Let’s take a look together at all of Grandma’s remedies for perfect sheets.

Be careful when washing

The first secret to not having perfect sheets with wrinkles at the edges is washing.

The spin cycle and washing mode are two other factors that need to be controlled, as excessive spinning creates wrinkles on the fabric, which are then difficult to remove even by ironing.

In addition, it is important to carry out short wash cycles to freshen up the sheets without creasing them too much.

Dry and fold the sheets properly

It happens so often that we make the mistake of leaving them in the basket for hours, for example, and during that time the sheets get wrinkled everywhere.

Before spreading, shake the still wet parts well to remove traces of washing and distribute well.

Always place them outdoors and avoid direct sunlight as there is a risk of them turning yellow, especially the white ones.

Just as you shouldn’t leave them in the basket for too long, you should also be careful not to take them out of the dryer after a few days as there is a risk that they will become hard.

Avoid using clothespins to even out the marks and align the edges well.

Once dry, gently fold them in half. Always make sure that the fabric does not protrude beyond the edges and corners.

Choose the right fabric

For this reason, linen and cotton bed linen are popular; It is no coincidence that they are the first choice for hotels and hostels.

You could say that they are anti-iron sheets; They shape themselves and do not need to be ironed.

So if you also dread having to iron your bed linen, choose these fabrics!

Order: very important!

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, what to do with the sheets? Quite simply, in a place where they can always be stored!

Dedicate drawers or closets exclusively to linens to prevent them from becoming wrinkled and damaged.

The ideal method is to place the sheets in contact with the bottom of the furniture and place more blankets on top so that they are compressed.