Tips for refreshing pillows in summer – discover all the tips and products here

The arrival of hot weather tests the patience of many, with sweat, rising temperatures and, above all, sleepless nights.

Refreshing your pillows from time to time can help you feel immediate relief and stop tossing and turning in bed at night.

Use of the bathtub

One method that can give you instant relief to refresh your pillows from top to bottom is by using the bathtub!

This is a tip you can use whenever the heat gets out of hand and you need a nice, refreshing nap.

Simply fill the tub with cold water and pour in a cup of baking soda. Submerge the pillows in the water and let them soak for about 3 hours.

During this time, moisture and sweat leave the fibers of the pillow, giving you a unique freshness that immediately makes you feel fantastic!

For an even more effective effect, you can also soak the pillowcases. Air dry everything, avoiding direct sunlight.

Attention ! Before proceeding with this remedy, make sure the pillows can get completely wet.


There are many ingredients that come to mind when we think of something fresh, but bay leaf is the one that always comes to mind!

Add 5 bay leaves to a pot of water; Turn on the flame and bring it to a boil, then turn it off.

Allow the mixture to cool, then pour it into a spray bottle and mist it on your pillow right before bed.

Natural lavender spray

When we talk about lavender, we present not only a super refreshing plant but also a relaxing plant!

In fact, lavender is particularly known and recognized for its calming properties that promote calm and complete relaxation.

For this purpose, you can use it to refresh your pillows by making a refreshing spray yourself!

Bring a pot of water and 2 lavender sprigs to the boil; Once it boils, let it stand for another 2 minutes and then turn off the stove.

Allow the mixture to cool, then strain and pour into a spray bottle. Before going to bed, spray on the pillow from a distance and voilà: sleep is guaranteed!

lemon juice

We haven’t forgotten the citrus fruit, which gives the ultimate freshness not only to food but also to rooms!

Lemon is valuable in summer as it relieves the oppressive heat and provides instant refreshment. The juice of this citrus fruit is therefore ideal for spraying on pillows!

Fill 3 parts of a spray bottle with water and the remaining part with lemon juice; Then spray onto the cushion, always keeping a distance of approx. 10 cm.