How to grow an apple tree from seeds at home

Here’s how to grow an apple tree from seeds alone – it’s really easy if you follow these steps. Below we explain how to do it.

Who wouldn’t like to have  an apple tree  in their garden? Being able to eat fruit from your own garden is a real privilege. It may seem difficult, or even impossible, to plant an apple tree at home, but it is actually very simple. The important thing is to follow  each step precisely  and be patient. You don’t need to have a green thumb for this procedure, but those who enjoy gardening are undoubtedly at an advantage. Gardening is an activity full of facets, full of difficulties but also full of satisfaction.

Passion, love and patience are the keys to the success of your garden or vegetable garden. In addition to this, you also need a good dose of  botanical knowledge  and knowledge of all the secrets that can be useful. In the following article we explain how to plant and grow an apple tree:  only the seeds of the fruit are enough  . Let’s explore together and see how it’s done.

Planting an apple tree – a win-win choice

Lately, the number of people choosing to create  their own personal garden  has been on the rise. More and more people are deciding to plant the fruits and vegetables they like most directly in the garden. The reasons for this reversal of trend are multiple, but the main ones are two. The first is the desire to put  quality food on the table  , uncontaminated food and for which each product used in its culture is perfectly known. Confidence in large stores is gradually being lost, and there are still many doubts about the origin and quality of the products on sale.

Planting an apple tree in the garden

To be sure, there are those who prefer to eat what they grow themselves. The second reason  is linked to an economic question. As we well know, we are facing a significant increase in prices, and fruits and vegetables are by no means exempt from these increases. These are significant expenses and difficult to bear, so being able to draw directly from your own garden  is a significant advantage  .

That said, let’s now discover together  all the steps to follow  to plant an apple tree in your garden. It will take very little.

Here’s how to plant it in the garden

To be able to  plant the apple tree  in our garden we must start  from its fruit  : the apple. So the very first thing to do is to divide an apple into several parts and  remove all the black seeds  that are there. It is from these seeds that our tree will begin to grow. Let’s immerse them all in a bowl full of water and immediately throw away the ones that float: they are not good for planting. Seeds that float tend not to germinate.

In a flowerpot we insert   good quality soil and place the chosen seed on the surface of the soil. Cover it with a little more soil and water thoroughly. At this point, as you can imagine, it will only be necessary to water when the soil dries out and wait. A shoot  will begin to emerge within fifteen days. After a month, the shoot will be much taller and more vigorous, and it will necessarily be necessary to carry out the transfer.

Planting an apple tree in the garden

Each time the seedling begins to grow several centimeters,  the pot must be changed  to respect its dimensions. The roots will require more and more space and nutrients. If you can have this consistency, over time your seedling will begin to  grow into a tree  and give you spectacular fruit.