How to make orchids bloom all year round: add this to your irrigation water

How to make orchids bloom, which are among the most beloved flowers, but also among the most difficult to grow: a few tricks can help them bloom beautifully.

water the orchids

A home, as well as a workplace and a professional studio, appear much better if its interiors  are characterized by flowers and plants  , which enliven and enhance the entire apartment. Gardening lovers never stop enriching the walls where they live or work with plants and flowers that give tone to the entire environment.

Among the most loved and requested flowers are undoubtedly orchids  , which are distinguished by a certain delicacy, but also by their originality and color. Orchids give a unique and decorative touch to homes, but at the same time they are difficult flowers to grow, maintain and conserve. How, then, to keep them alive as long as possible and make them bloom all year round?

Make orchids bloom in all their splendor: this method will surprise you

Orchids, which easily acclimate to an indoor environment, have specific needs. Regular maintenance and special care  is required  to ensure some preservation of these flowers. First of all, to promote the flowering of orchids it is necessary to water your plants regularly, since moist soil prolongs the period and duration of flowering. Orchids should  be watered once a week  in the spring and summer months, while in winter a maximum of once every two weeks.

how to make orchids bloom

It is also essential that orchids receive  the appropriate amount of sunlight,  being careful not to expose them too much: their tolerance for direct sunlight is very low. Like all plants, orchids also have specific needs: if they are respected, we will ensure that these plants last a long time.

Homemade fertilizer

Someone chooses to rely on  fertilizers  , but these solutions are usually composed of chemicals that in the long run can be toxic not only to the flowers, but also to the health of those who live in the house. That’s why the advice is to make a  ‘homemade’ fertilizer. 

To allow orchids to bloom in the best possible way, it is essential to fertilize them very regularly. Some substances, such as  potassium, iron, silicon and phosphorus  , help give orchids a great helping hand to grow well. All these elements are contained in a single ingredient, namely rice water.

The first step is to add the equivalent of 10 grams of rice to a liter of hot water, then let it marinate for an hour. After this time, the rice should be  drained, filter the water and let it cool  . Subsequently, the resulting liquid is poured into a bottle and then the orchids are watered. The advice is to use this mixture once every four waterings: after several days you will begin to notice a clear change of pace in the flowering of the orchids.

How to water orchids with epsom salt

Another very effective trick for growing and preserving orchids is to use epsomite, also known as  epsom salt. This particular mineral helps nourish the soil in the pot, so that the orchid can not only grow faster, but also bloom beautifully.

Solutions for watering orchids

Composed of hydrated magnesium sulfate, epsom salt allows plants  to better assimilate essential nutrients  , including nitrogen and phosphorus, to stimulate flowering. Additionally, epsomite allows the formation of chlorophyll, which is essential for photosynthesis. All you have to do is add  a teaspoon of salt to a liter of water  , then pour the mixture over the plants. The operation must be repeated once a week.