How to prevent insects from entering your home even if you leave the windows open

Flies are among the most numerous insects in the world, they are practically everywhere and, sooner or later, they end up invading our homes too. In addition to being annoying, flies can also carry microorganisms and pathogens that pose a risk to our health.

As the warm months arrive, the presence of flies becomes more noticeable . Partly because there are more flies around, but also because we tend to open balconies and windows to circulate air.

To prevent the entry of flies and other insects from our homes there are many commercial products, some of which are very effective, but which are also full of chemical compounds that are toxic to our health. Below we list the best methods to prevent flies from entering naturally.

Bags of water . You will surely have noticed bags full of water hanging on balconies or terraces. This is a method as ancient as it is effective and consists of filling a transparent plastic bag halfway with water and hanging it near windows or balconies. When the sun’s rays pass through the envelope, a prism is created which is hated by flies. The same goes for CDs hanging on balconies or windows.

Lemon and cloves . This is a very effective and simple remedy to prepare. Cut a lemon in half and insert a dozen cloves into its pulp. Place lemons at the entrance to the balcony or on the inside windowsill.

Aromatic plants . Some plants such as lavender, mint, lemongrass, rosemary or eucalyptus, as well as their essential oils, are useful for repelling flies and other insects. Place these plants on your windowsill or balcony, they will help keep these unwelcome guests away.

Apple cider vinegar . This repellent method works in reverse, apple cider vinegar has an unpleasant odor for humans but is very welcome by flies, which is why it is useful for creating an effective trap. Cut off the top of a plastic bottle, pour a little apple cider vinegar into it and then place the neck of the bottle downwards, like a funnel.