The most effective method for cleaning window glass without leaving streaks

Cleaning windows is a real headache for many of us. Although there are numerous products on the market specifically aimed at cleaning glass, be it mirrors or windows, knowing that there are natural and therefore non-toxic alternatives that offer the same results cannot help but please.

Today we will explain how to clean window glass using exclusively natural products , to remove the most stubborn dirt and, above all, without leaving the classic streaks and stains .

The natural formula for preparing a glass cleaner is very simple: mix one part of white vinegar with another of hot water and pour everything into a bottle equipped with a spray diffuser. Add a few drops of lemon oil to give the cleaner a flavor as well.

Using the method is very simple, you just need to spray the cleaner on the glass, let it act for a few seconds (no more), and then wipe with a microfibre cloth or newspaper to remove the residue. The only precaution is to clean the windows when there is no direct sunlight.

You will see how the glass will be very shiny and without streaks .

The newspaper leaves a kind of invisible layer that prevents the accumulation of dirt. However, it is important to choose old newspapers to prevent the ink from staining the windows.

For more stubborn dirt, however, it is necessary to use a sponge and scrub well from top to bottom. Finally, wipe again with a microfibre cloth.

A further tip: clean the inside of the window with horizontal movements , and the outside with vertical movements . By doing this, if streaks remain, you will immediately know which side you will need to clean again.