Many problems affect our environment during the winter and sometimes the solutions are especially expensive and difficult.

This is the case of humidity   ,   a factor that accompanies practically every winter day and that must be combated if you do not want to encounter mold, damp walls, etc.

Luckily, there are   some really inexpensive home remedies   that can be of great help in   reducing humidity   .

Today we will see in particular the   bottle trick   , a simple and quick remedy   that eliminates humidity from the house while saving money   .

Requirements and procedure

To start this amazing method, we must first obtain   the   necessary equipment.

All you need is a   very common plastic bottle and enough  coarse salt   to fill part of the bottle.

It is   the coarse salt that will really help eliminate humidity   in the most economical way possible, in fact there are many people who, in the absence of a dehumidifier, use it a lot during the winter.

Then proceed   by cutting the bottle in half   , the top part (where the stopper is) should be a little shorter than the base,   make small holes in the stopper   and leave it screwed on.

Always fill the top with coarse salt   (make sure it doesn’t fall out of the holes, otherwise just replace the lid, making smaller holes) and   place in the freezer   overnight.

The next day, take the half-full bottle of salt out of the freezer,   turn it over and place it on the stand   .

The salt will absorb moisture and gradually change from a solid state to a liquid state and that is why the bottom of the bottle will collect all the water.

Once the salt has gotten too wet, replace it and you’re done!

Effective alternatives to humidity

Although we have seen this fantastic remedy that we can use practically every day and on a regular basis, the surprises do not end there!

There are   effective alternatives to humidity   to favor depending on what you find most at home, let’s discover it together!

rice bag

Like coarse salt,   rice   is also a natural ingredient that is especially useful in case of humidity.

In fact, think about how many times a cell phone or any other electronic object gets wet: the first thing you do is put it in the rice!

That’s because   it manages to dry the water well   in all the states it is in! So all you have to do is fill a bag with regular rice and place it in the rooms where it is needed to absorb moisture.

You will see what result!

Sodium bicarbonate

Did you think that   baking soda   couldn’t also be useful in this case? Mistake !

As you may have understood, baking soda is a   true star of natural remedies   and, among the many qualities it has, it is also worth mentioning that it absorbs moisture.

It is   especially recommended for kitchen   ,   bathroom and small room furniture   that tend to deteriorate and rot under the effect of humidity.

scented bottle

Not only the jar, with coarse salt you can also   prepare an aromatic jar   , perfect to put on the nightstand and try to remove as much humidity as possible from the room.

You will need   to fill 3/4 of the jar with coarse salt   and   also add the contents of a   black or green tea bag.

Then place a piece of thin cloth on the edge of the jar and pour  4 drops of an essential oil   of your choice over it.

Close the jar and   leave it there for 24 hours   , then open it, remove the cloth and you will have a wonderful remedy to both reduce humidity and perfume the room!

strainer tip

Another method to remove humidity from the house is the   Colino trick   , a real dehumidifier that you can make yourself. 

Anti-humidity plants

If, in addition to appreciating natural remedies, you also have a green thumb, you can use   anti-humidity plants   and beautify your home at the same time!

Let’s discover in detail   which ones are most suitable   in these cases and which ones can remain in the bedrooms without problems.

Here are the most common ones:

  • Sansevieria;
  • Aloe vera;
  • Azalea;
  • Begonia;
  • Ivy;
  • Fern;
  • Philodendron;
  • Orchid;
  • Friends.

Choose one of these fantastic plants, place it in the most humid areas and after a few days you will benefit!