Winter sweaters become our shield from the cold and make us feel protected.

Often, however, they are so heavy that we tend to sweat and that smell of sweat then soaks into the fibers so much that it doesn’t go away easily.

In this regard, today we will see together how to remove the smell of sweat that remains on sweaters!

Sodium bicarbonate
First of all, we remind you to wash your sweaters when you smell that bad smell, as washing is the most effective method to get rid of it.

For this reason, we suggest bicarbonate of soda , which boasts absorbent properties and is able to neutralize bad odors.

All you have to do, therefore, is pour 2 liters of cold water into a basin and then pour 8 tablespoons of bicarbonate into it.

After that, soak your sweater for a few hours or overnight and the next day rinse it and proceed with the usual hand or machine wash.

Like bicarbonate of soda, vinegar is also a pantry ingredient that is very effective in removing bad odors on clothes.

Not surprisingly, it is also used to remove the smell of humidity on towels!

All you need to do is pour half a glass of vinegar into a basin containing water and soak your sweaters for at least an hour or even overnight .

If the bad smell is concentrated particularly in the sub-axillary area, then you can act locally by soaking a soft cloth in vinegar and dabbing it in this area.

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After that, leave it to act for a while before proceeding with ordinary hand washing.

Citric acid
As an alternative to vinegar, you can also use citric acid , an ingredient considered a natural softener !

To use it, therefore, pour 150 grams into a liter of distilled water , pour everything into a basin and mix the mixture.

Then, soak the sweater in this mixture for a few hours or overnight and proceed with the normal wash the next day!

Coarse salt
When we talk about ingredients capable of absorbing stink , we cannot fail to mention coarse salt , whose absorbent power is also a godsend for absorbing humidity in the home!

Then pour 4 tablespoons of coarse salt into a basin containing cold water and then immerse the sweater inside for a few hours.

Finally, rinse the garment and wash it with Marseille soap to make it super fragrant!

The last trick involves the use of lemon, the citrus fruit most associated with ecological domestic cleaning thanks to its many properties, among which anti-odor ones stand out!

To use it on your sweaters , therefore, you will have to pour the juice of three squeezed lemons into a basin of cold water and soak the garment for about an hour .

Then, rinse it and proceed with drying . The smell of sweat will just be a bad memory!

NB We remind you to use lemon only on white or light-colored clothes due to its whitening function.

Smells of sweat on shirts (VIDEO)
And if you want to remove the smell of sweat on your t-shirts, here’s a video that will suggest how to do it!

These are eco-friendly and natural ways to remove the smell of sweat from your woolen clothes. We remind you, however, to always follow the washing instructions, so as not to ruin them.