How to sew a hole between the legs of jeans without leaving a trace: prepare your needle

Jeans, how to sew a hole between the legs of your beloved pants, without leaving a trace? Equip yourself with a needle and thread: in a few minutes you will have new pants.

Do you also often find   holes between the legs of your jeans   ? This way you can repair it without leaving a trace and above all in   a very short time   .

Jeans, the most purchased garment in the world

When it comes to   clothing   , if there is an outfit that never goes out of style, it is the one made up of   jeans   . These pants with very ancient origins are today a true   fashion must-have   .

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How many do you also have in your closet? Certainly a lot. There are   different models, colors and fabrics   . Some are so comfortable they even feel like a second skin. What is the most common problem that jeans lovers encounter? Surely the   tears   .

Although some are specially designed with   holes in the knees or legs   ,   the tear between the legs is definitely not a fashion detail   . Have you also been on the verge of throwing your beloved jeans in the trash several times just because they had   a hole   right there?

Please wait before doing this. It only takes a moment to solve the problem: in no time you will have pants like new. Ready to discover the trick that the most experts use?  All you need is a needle   .

Needle and thread to fix your favorite pants

We see you: have you also prepared a box of   jeans to throw away   because they are worn or   torn between the legs   ? Do you think it is impossible to fix that uncomfortable and unsightly seam?

ripped jeans

They tell you to wait a while before donating your old jeans:   you could give them a new life   . All you need is a   needle and some cotton   and in no time you will have new pants to wear.

Ready to discover the secret of the most expert seamstresses? Well, let’s start now. The first thing you need to do is get a special needle called   a “Japanese needle”   . But be careful: you will not have to thread a simple cotton thread, the most common ones that you will also have at home, but rather get   a polyester thread that is 6 degrees stronger than normal.

This little tool alone will allow you   to create invisible seams on your jeans   . How should you proceed? The procedure is very simple. You should sew   a normal inside-out stitch   , at least almost to the end of your tear.

Once you reach the crucial point, that is, the   crotch of the jeans   that will be pierced at the end, it will be necessary to proceed like this. Take   a piece of fabric the same color as your garment   (you’ll need a small square) and sew it over the tear.

Still using your   Japanese needle,   begin sewing with the technique called   “front stitch   . ” If you use this technique, you will see that in a few minutes you will have given   new life to your favorite jeans   : the seam will be absolutely invisible, as if your pants had never been torn.

Did you know this  Japanese needle technique   ? It is one of the most used by expert seamstresses. The   piece of fabric   you used for the last part of your project should be a little larger than the size of the hole. Next, the excess fabric will need to be trimmed.

We have one last tip for you. Once this   sewing technique has been completed   , turn the pants over and on the ridge you have made, glue   a piece of adhesive fabric   that you will heat with an iron. This way, your jeans will become indestructible.

jeans with holes