Old socks with holes should not be thrown away: they become very useful

Old socks with holes, don’t throw them away right away. Do you know that they can be a valuable resource for you? They become very useful when used in this way.

How many times have you also found yourself with   bags or boxes full of old socks with holes   , ready to throw away? Wait before doing that:   if you use them like this, they will be very useful to you.

Old socks with holes: why they should not be thrown away

Surely you too have   an envelope or a box full of old socks with holes   , ready to throw away. What if we told you that you could reuse them instead?

worn socks

They can really help you.  Don’t give them away,   you don’t know why they can become a valuable resource even at home   . In a consumerist era like the one we live in, where   disposable has become a way of life,   especially when it comes to clothing, we do not hesitate to get rid of it.

If something is punctured, torn, or stained, it ends up in the trash   . However, old, worn-out clothes   can be given a new life again.  It only takes a little ingenuity to do truly extraordinary things.

Are you wondering, for example,   what old socks with holes can be used for?  We’ll tell you right away. We are sure that you will also be speechless, like us.

How to reuse old clothes

Don’t throw away those old, worn-out socks   you’ve been saving for a while. Do you know what   can be useful   ? You can give them new life. As? We’ll tell you right away.

sock box

We know that too often you have to throw away clothes, sometimes we have so many that they no longer fit in the closet. Clearly, the most logical thing to do is to get rid   of old, worn-out clothes or accessories that you think can no longer be worn.

However, we tell you that   all old clothes can be useful.   Take for example   socks with holes,   those that you no longer wear or that are destined for the trash. What you can bring out is truly extraordinary.

What idea do we propose?  One that we know will make the children happy, especially the  little princesses in the house: you can make a pigotta, or one of the traditional   rag dolls, with old socks!

So get some   old socks, some cotton and the sewing machine  . Let’s immediately proceed with the explanation. First,   cut out a fairly large circle from one of the socks with holes, which will serve as the head of our doll.

Move the piece of fabric under the sewing machine, sealing the sides;   the interior should be filled with cotton.  Now take   another old sock and cut the side ends   , after also engraving the central part, creating the shape of two fingers with a cutter:   you will need this step to make the body of the doll.

Also pass it under   the sewing machine   , again to seal the sides, until   the empty space is still filled with batting.  With another identical sock, create the bust in its place: always cut the side end, turn it inside out and fill it with batting, always after engraving the shape of the arms with a cutter.

Sew your doll’s legs and arms by machine or by hand   and now start dressing her: always with a used sock,   create a dress or shorts in the color you want and have the pigotta put them on.

Now let’s move on to the head, the one you initially created.  Take a ball of wool   , the color you prefer, and start sewing threads on it:   this will be your doll’s hair.

Then sew the head to the body and voila,   your old sock doll is ready.  Let the kids participate in this craft too – they could be the ones to paint the eyes or maybe you can help them sew them on with buttons.

Do you see what a nice idea can come from just using used clothes?  Waste often does not have to be a solution. Even old clothes, like socks, to be precise, can come back to life and, above all, be very useful, with a few simple strategic gestures. With this technique, have fun creating puppets and teddy bears: your children will be delighted!

Idea to reuse old socks