Scissors that no longer cut, how to sharpen them: it will take a few seconds

Today we reveal an incredible method to sharpen your scissors in seconds. You will never call the knife sharpener again.

We explain how to sharpen your   scissors   like before, you won’t believe what you see.

How to keep your scissors sharp

To keep   scissors sharp   , it is important to cut only suitable materials and avoid using them to cut hard objects such as wires or nails. In addition, they need to be sharpened regularly.

To prevent damage to the shear, it is important to clean and   lubricate it   periodically so that the gears turn smoothly. It is also important to avoid bending or straining the blades, as this can cause permanent damage. Additionally, it is important to store them in a dry, rust-free place.


Clean the scissors after each use to remove any   residue   of cut material. To lubricate them, only a small amount of machine oil or a specific lubricant is needed to keep the gears moving.

Store the scissors in a   dry place   away from any external agent that could damage them. We remind you not to bend or force the blades for any reason, as this may cause permanent damage.

And lastly, don’t leave them    unattended   , especially if there are children around. Do your scissors no longer cut like before and do you want them to regain their former shine? Here we show you how to sharpen them directly at home and for free.

Here is the ultimate method to sharpen them.

Scissors were invented   in Egypt   around 1500 BC. AD and were used to cut hair and cloth. The first scissors consisted of two metal blades joined by a central pin and operated with two hands.

Over the centuries, scissors have been   improved   and today they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which are used for a variety of purposes. Modern scissors are usually made of stainless steel or carbon steel, although they can also be made of other materials such as plastic, wood, and even ceramic.

Scissors have been used for many years, but how to sharpen them is a mystery to some. Today we explain how to do with a   file:

  1. make sure the scissors are clean and dry
  2. place the file on a flat, stable surface
  3. Hold them so that the top blade is pointing up and the bottom blade is pointing toward the file.
  4. Use light pressure to slide the top blade of the scissors along the file, starting at the tip and working toward the handle. Be sure to maintain an angle of approximately 20 degrees between the file and the top blade
  5. repeat step 4 for the bottom blade
  6. Check that the blades are aligned and sharpened evenly.
sharp scissors

Now you can test the scissors on a piece of paper to   see   if they cut well. We recommend always using a quality and suitable file to sharpen them, avoiding the use of inappropriate files or files so as not to damage the scissors.