Toilets fresh and spotless for a week, even cleaners use them

Without a doubt, one of the most complicated, tiring and boring household tasks is cleaning the bathroom. We use the bathrooms every day, so it is necessary to constantly disinfect them. But how can we keep the toilet fresh and spotless for a whole week? There is a trick that will leave you speechless: let’s find out more.

Cleaning bathrooms is not an easy challenge at all, in fact, every day they have to be cleaned and disinfected impeccably. When it comes to the bathroom, we have to be careful with all the germs and bacteria there are. It is true that the area we must monitor is the   WC.  For obvious reasons, it is good to clean it at least   once or twice a day.  But how can we keep it in perfect condition for a week? There is an infallible remedy: let’s find out more.

Fresh and clean bathrooms: what to use?

It is true that household chores are exhausting, boring and time-consuming. However, to optimize deadlines and also to take care of the environment and our health, it is necessary to put some precautions into practice. Not only that, in fact, we also have to think about our wallet, because all those   chemicals   we buy in the supermarket also cost a lot of money.

Thoroughly disinfecting toilets is not easy, in fact, you also have to think about making them last a long time. We will need to know a simple, quick and effective trick that will save us time and money. In just a few steps, you will find your   toilet like new.  It will be bright, clean and fresh – let’s find out how.

clean toilets

The trick to leaving the toilet fresh and clean for a week

Toilets constantly need a deep and precise cleaning, we cannot forget any detail, because it is essential to eliminate all types of germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, streaks, stains and scale  can form  . How can we eliminate them once and for all? There is a method that will not only help you, but your toilet will be fresh for at least 7 days.

You just have to take a bowl and   mix   these ingredients: 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, a cup of dish soap, two tablespoons of baking soda, a tablespoon of alcohol, half a liter of water and if you wish you can also add a little coloring.

clean toilets

Thanks to all these ingredients, you will get a great toilet cleaning compound that is really powerful. For convenience, pour the solution into a plastic bottle and   puncture the cap   so that the product comes directly out of the small hole.

This way, you will get a fantastic compound that you can use to clean the inside of the toilet. Just use a   small amount of product   and the result will be guaranteed, your toilets will be shiny, clean, sanitized and fresh.