Never leave the phone in this position: you will find yourself with the entire battery empty

Telephone, never leave it in this position. If you do that, you will find that the entire battery is discharged. Here is the common mistake that ends up ruining your smartphone in no time.

Cell phones are a real addiction,   a problem if you run out of battery   , especially at the least opportune moment. Do you know how to solve this problem?  Never leave it in this position.

Technology, a dangerous addiction

We live in   a super-technological era   in which artificial intelligence becomes smarter and more productive every day. Between   tablets, PCs and   latest generation mobile phones, virtual reality has finally taken over from everyday reality.


We are all aware that we are   addicted to technology   , that although on the one hand it has improved our lives, it has made us similar to automatons:   everything is sacrificed in the name of a hypertechnological reality   that distances us from concrete relationships. and affections.

For example, let’s talk about the   cell phone   . Could you live without? Nowadays, smartphones really make our lives, but also our work and interpersonal relationships, easier.

Thinking that you can do without this little gadget is really impossible. However,   mobile phone addicts   cannot accept one thing:   the battery is dead   . How many times have you found yourself with a mobile phone, perhaps even new, and   the battery at 0   ?

The reason this happens is   due to negligence   . Be careful   where you put your phone   : only then can you save it.

How to save battery on your phone: be careful with this location

Have you bought a new mobile phone and after only a few months you are already struggling with a   rapidly draining battery   ? There is definitely something wrong. In most cases   it is not a defect of the device but rather an incorrect behavior   that you have probably implemented and that will end up shortening the useful life of your phone.


We know that in a   super technology era   like ours,  super modern smartphones of all price ranges are produced every day.  There is no person who does not have a cell phone.

While in the past several models like the timeless classic   Nokia 3310   could even stay on for a whole week   , the new smartphones barely last   24 hours.  Why is this battery draining so much?

We’ll tell you right away. First of all, you should know that   cell phones   , like humans,   suffer from environmental changes   . They are also affected by   cold, heat and sudden changes in temperature.  The cell phone battery is lithium   and   excessive or extreme temperatures could damage it beyond repair.

For example,   you should never leave your cell phone on the dashboard of the car where the sun beats down   , especially in summer, but   also not in your pocket   , for example when you go skiing: it is not smart to take it with you. You.

Temperatures that are too cold could damage the battery   . You have probably noticed that   even the touch screen has problems working below a certain temperature   . So if you are not careful, you will find yourself with a new but very problematic cell phone.

Always use   covers   , even better if they are thermal,   to protect your phone   from sudden changes in temperature. Another technique indicated by experts to conserve the battery is this:   turn off the phone if you are in the mountains or by the sea   , with temperatures close to zero or close to or above 33 degrees.  Close the mobile phone, the battery will not be damaged and your mobile phone will have a long service life.

Another common mistake:   Never leave your phone plugged in overnight   or when its charging cycle is complete. Also in this case   there is a risk of damaging the battery   which will discharge very quickly.

Nowadays there are   tools   that warn when the cell phone battery is recharged and   independently disconnect the smartphone   from the power source. Therefore, you can see that there are some   recommendations to put into practice   if you want to prevent your phone’s battery from always being empty.