NEVER flush the toilet after peeing

Why do we recommend   NEVER flushing the toilet  after peeing ?  As you can already guess, this is a very important gesture   to avoid wasting water  . For your information,   every time you flush the toilet  ,   about 3 to 10 liters of water are thrown away.

Save water to address the current context of water scarcity

The global drought situation is due to global warming and  water wastage  . However, countries like Africa are particularly suffering from water shortages.

In fact, figures show that more than 2 billion people suffer from water stress. Drinking water is therefore considered a real treasure today.

Did you know that before 1999, drought occurred every five years? This duration has been shortened since 2000 due to a drought that occurs every two to three years. In 2021, Madagascar was declared the first country to experience famine due to drought. And in California, where drought is causing more wildfires, the situation is not particularly reassuring.

NEVER flush the toilet after peeing

The current situation leads us to better control the use of this resource. More specifically, you need to learn to save water better, because wasting three to ten liters of water is unacceptable.

Contrary to popular belief,  not using  the toilet is  by no means a lack of etiquette  . Imagine how much water we waste because we urinate about six times a day.

So remember to better preserve the water by avoiding throwing it away. It should be noted that   urine is sterile and therefore there is no health risk if urine is left in the toilet  . However, it is advisable   to close the seat when flushing the toilet.