Pour a cup of coffee down the toilet and get ready to experience something unique

Did you know that drinking a cup of coffee on the toilet can give you incredible results? Really, the effect is great and you always will. Let’s find out why you should pour a cup of coffee down the toilet at home!

Coffee in the toilet

The bathroom is the home environment that  gets dirty most easily  and needs to be cleaned more often and more carefully than others. In particular, thorough cleaning of the toilet is essential to  remove germs and bacteria that inevitably accumulate there day after day. In addition  , the toilet tends to turn yellow if you do not resort to a solution that makes it white and shiny again.

In fact, sometimes the usual degreaser or cleaner is not enough  to whiten the toilet , but what should you do then? In these cases there is a remedy that is very effective and allows you to solve the problem.

You won’t believe it, but with  a cup of coffee  you can achieve even better results than with professional cleaning products, it is natural and does not alter the material. Of course, in  combination with other ingredients  you can achieve excellent results. Let’s find out how to prepare the coffee-based solution to remove germs and bacteria from the toilet and return it to its original shine!

Cup of coffee

Coffee is also useful for the toilet in the bathroom

As is well known, coffee is the  most popular drink among Italians , but it is also an excellent remedy for the toilet in the bathroom. Its action solves various skin problems, acts as a natural fertilizer for plants, improves the canopy and, as already mentioned, it also solves problems in the toilet.

You can use leftover coffee to reap its benefits and this way you also avoid waste. Coffee is excellent for making household chores easier and  intoxicates with its intense scent , so much so that it spreads throughout the rooms, making them more welcoming and pleasant.

Why pour coffee down the toilet?

There are many reasons why you may need to pour coffee down the toilet. Primarily, it’s great for removing germs and bacteria from the toilet, but it’s also ideal for whitening walls that are often yellowed with  dirt  that never quite disappeared with other solutions.

The effective action of coffee, combined with that of baking soda, allows you to remove yellowness and crusts that settle on the floor . In addition, the scent of this combination eliminates the bad smells that arise from the toilet and leaves a pleasant scent in the room.

It takes very little to prepare this remedy, accessible to everyone, and very little, especially since it involves ingredients that you already have at home. In the case of coffee, you just need  to reuse leftover coffee to save money while recycling, which is good for the environment.

How to make the solution from a cup of coffee

To get an effective solution to  remove bacteria from the toilet and make it very white again , you need a few ingredients that are easy to find and, above all, cheap. Here you are:

  • 1 cup of coffee;
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda;
  • 3 hydrogen peroxide caps;
  • 100 ml water.
Coffee in the toilet

Put all the ingredients in a glass bowl and stir with a spoon until perfectly mixed, then pour the solution into  a plastic bottle  with a  vaporizer . After filling it using a funnel to prevent spillage, spray directly into the toilet several times.

Grab  your toilet brush  and start cleaning the walls of the toilet to remove dirt and make them white. Once the process is complete, flush the toilet and  your toilet  will be shiny  and  perfectly disinfected  .

The method is also perfect for eliminating bad smells from the toilet, in fact it leaves a delicious scent in the bathroom. If the bad smells reappear, do not hesitate to repeat this treatment every day and continue for at least a week.