Put 1 plastic bag in the broom: the floor will never be the same again

By placing a plastic bag in the broom we will solve a problem during our cleaning. Here’s which one.

Our  home  is the place that we tend to keep as clean as possible due to the fact that we spend a lot of time there and have made sacrifices to be able to live there perfectly.

For this reason, often, at least once a  week,  we wash the surfaces and before doing so we must remove all the excess dust and debris that may settle on them.

Broom: this is the bag method

One of the surfaces with  the most stubborn dirt  is the  floor. This must be treated according to the conformation, because some  floors  are parquet or wood and must be washed with certain products.

Others, however, generally made of  granite  or  marble,  can be washed with commercial products or with  natural ingredients  to guarantee their shine.

Among these we find  salt  and  sodium bicarbonate  which, combined with hot water, give a stain removal effect never before seen and can make the floor shiny for a long time even after just one coat.

However, this may not be useful for  evacuation routes  , that is, the  lines  between one slab and another and therefore to ensure that dirt is removed from it one must resort to other methods and in particular the products indicated for this purpose.

These  escape routes  become dirty due to the accumulation of hair and dust that forms over time. Indeed  , on our floors there are not only food  residues   or  dust  but also  hair that  may have fallen from our body.

The situation becomes complicated if we have  pets  , because they release hairs and sometimes, especially in the case of cats, even pieces of the litter or, in the case of dogs, elements from the outside.

How to proceed

Therefore, before washing the  floor,  it is advisable to vacuum the floor so that we can remove everything from life, but if we do not have this  device,  just sweep it with a broom.

Many times however, this fails to capture all the  dirt  and indeed it gets stuck in the  bristles  and this is where the plastic bag comes in, which will solve this very annoying problem.

Just take a  bag  and attach it to the part where there are the bristles of the  broom  and then we will sweep the floor normally, we will see that the dirt has not nestled in the broom and everything will have remained on one side in order.

Broom - the plastic bag method

This way, we can take our shovel and remove all the residue from our floor then wash and disinfect it. By removing the  bag  from the broom, we will see how there will be no dust and other things inside.

This method has been used by many  housewives  who pass it on blogs because it solves the problem that happens to everyone when using a   common bristle broom .