Putting a rag in the toilet, the plumbers’ tip unknown to many

According to a method used by plumbers, putting a rag in the toilet solves a big problem. Here’s what it is.

We have all, at least once in our lives, flushed something down the  toilet  that really shouldn’t be flushed and this has often led to problems with the drain.

Our  bathroom  is the place where we spend the most time with ourselves and our privacy and it is the room where we have the least inhibitions possible both because it serves our needs and to take a shower but also for other reasons.

Water: here is the plumbers’ method to solve the problem

In fact, it often happens that many people tend to sing in the  shower,  and they would never have done this practice in another room and therefore for this reason the  bathroom  is defined as the place where everyone feels like yourself.

Plus, there are reasons why some people spend so many hours indoors. After washing well, they devote themselves to body care,   perhaps shaving or applying soothing creams to their skin.

Women also tend to do their makeup in the  bathroom,  because the light and spotlights in this room are stronger than in others and they can easily look beautiful without making a mistake.

But often, an element in our  bathroom  is clogged for various reasons. These are the toilets that we might find flooded or high water when we flush due to clogged pipes.

Using the rag in the toilet

This is caused by too much  toilet paper  thrown in there or a clog caused by  disinfectant wipes  or  makeup remover,  as well as cotton pads or any other items that shouldn’t be thrown in there.

In fact, not everything is  biodegradable  and therefore it is deposited between the  pipes  and blocks the passage of water and therefore we will have to resort to the intervention of a plumber who could cost us a lot of money.

But there is a method used by these specialists which involves using a cloth to ensure that our drain is flushed and the  toilet  can start working like before.

Water: the rag method

First of all, you need to take a  broom handle  and put a cloth on the bottom part, or use  a mop directly. Once inserted in the toilet, push vigorously by turning first clockwise then counterclockwise.

With decisive movements, move the  mallet up and down  and wait until all the excess water and possibly anything that has blocked the passage is absorbed and the water level in the toilet returns to the previous level.

Once the problem is resolved, make sure it doesn’t happen again and flush the toilet  to  make sure our  toilet  is working and there are no other flooding issues, if not repeat the operation.

This method is widely used by plumbers and before resorting to one of them and putting your hand in your pocket it is advisable to try this card to solve the problem yourself.