Tumble dryer, the hidden option that irons all your laundry: few people know it

There is an option on our dryer that allows you to iron all clothes. Here’s what it is.

One of the operations that we must do at least once a week is  to wash  the  laundry,  but there are many people who tend to do it even once or more times a day.

Immediately after cleaning our clothes, blankets, fabrics, etc., we must immediately put them out to dry as soon as possible, so that no moisture forms and they can be used again immediately.

Tumble dryer: here is the option that irons laundry

However, it doesn’t always seem easy. In summer, and sometimes even spring, things are easier because the temperatures tend to mean that putting our  clothes on a drying rack outside means  they dry easily.

But our laundry cannot always be hung outside, due to weather conditions and for this reason, especially in autumn and winter, we have to find ways to dry it indoors.

This could cause dampness in our bedroom and make  our clothes smell bad,  but many avoid this by using a  device  that has spread like wildfire throughout homes in recent years.

Tumble dryer: here is the option for ironing clothes

We are talking about the  dryer  , which tends to absorb all the moisture from our clothes in its drum and dry them so that we do not have to expose them to the outside and can use them immediately.

But there is a way to make sure that in addition to drying them, our  dryer  can also iron them and this is an option that many do not take into consideration, along with other tips.

What should we operate on our device

But above all, we must not stress the fabrics in the  washing machine  and make sure that the  centrifuge  does not twist our clothes and that the water is not in excess and therefore more than it should be.

In addition, once we have placed our clothes in the  dryer  , we must adjust the  drying cycle  according to the fabric that we are going to put inside and only in this way can we have perfect drying.

In addition, we can also define other functions, such as for example the  anti-crease option  that can be found around the button or on the buttons of our  device  or opting for the  introduction of steam  inside of the drum  .

Tumble dryer: here is the option for ironing clothes

In this way, by not loading the  dryer too much  , the steam will work like an iron and will tend not to create creases on our clothes and once dried we can fold them and store them in the wardrobe.

In this way we will have saved so much time that we can devote ourselves to other household tasks and we will also avoid spending electricity to operate the iron and the consumption of water that we will insert inside.

You just need to know the functions of your  dryer  and activate the best one to have optimal performance from our  appliance  as well as clothes that are not only clean and dry but also wrinkle-free.

If you have a  dryer  at home, see if there are these options and try this method which saves a lot of money and time.