It’s a shame that  mosquitoes  and  flies  appear much more frequently during this time and can ruin our outdoor event that was organized with so much care!

In reality, there is a very simple method  to keep them away  , which is so effective that it is also widely used by catering services that organize outdoor ceremonies. Let’s see what this remedy nicknamed the  “Catering Trick”  or  “Burnt Coffee Trick”  consists of.

What will you discover?

what do you need

First of all, don’t think that you have to buy, who knows what this trick is supposed to use. Its strength is that it  requires a few simple things that we often  have ready at home.

  • Coffee beans (optional)
  • ground coffee
  • A plate
  • a lighter
  • Aluminiumpapier

What do you have to do

Once you have everything you need, let’s look at how to put this trick into practice.

First, find a seat to the side, not too close to any seating or tables, so that the  smell of the coffee  isn’t too strong for you or your guests.

Then cover the plate with  aluminum foil  to prevent it from being damaged. Place  6-7 coffee beans  on the plate and cover with  ground coffee  . With the lighter and very carefully, bring the flame close to the coffee: it  lights  up  and starts  to burn slowly  , as if it were a spiral.

Normally the  burning time  is a few hours  , but in all likelihood you will have to turn on the coffee several times as it unfortunately runs out quickly.

The effects

The smell of burnt coffee is a real  mosquito repellent  and also works on other  insects  , including annoying  flies  and wasps. This will keep your  patio  or  garden free of these uninvited guests, at least for a few hours.

In addition, the coffee scent produced in this way is not overly intense and can also create a pleasant scent that permeates your outdoor areas.

Note:  If your open spaces are very large, place several burnt coffee saucers  in different places  to create a larger and more comprehensive effect.

What if you don’t have coffee beans?

 If you organized your event at the last minute on  the terrace  or in the  garden , you don’t have coffee beans at home and you don’t have time to buy them, don’t worry!

In these cases, prepare a  classic Moka coffee  using only  ground coffee  . Then. Dilute the prepared coffee with about  500 ml of water  and pour the mixture into a  spray bottle  .

 At this time,  spray the product in the wettest  corners  of the  garden  ,  where mosquitoes tend to concentrate, or in the corners of the  balcony or terrace  .

However, be  careful  ! The liquid coffee could  discolor the tiles  if you use it on a paved surface. In these cases, spray the mixture onto  absorbent paper  , which will release the odor for at least a few hours to  keep mosquitoes  and  flies  away.