The DIY mixture to unclog the drain instantly: without the need for a plumber

There is a mixture that has proven to be very effective in unclogging clogged drains in our pipes. That is how.

Keeping our home impeccably free of dirt residue and bad odors is very important both for our lives since we would live more harmoniously in our home and to make a good impression on those who come to visit us.

However, there are times when certain situations are unpredictable and   dirt   tends to settle in areas that we normally cannot reach and therefore we have to resort to selling products.

Drain: Here’s How to Unclog It Without Calling the Plumber

However, even if we buy and use these   detergents,   we do not always manage to obtain the result we expect and that is why we resort to grandmothers’ methods, which almost always turn out to be the most effective.

Drain: here's how to unclog it

Si pour le   cercle noir   du robinet et des toilettes en peut utiliser du vinaigre d’alcool et du bicarbonate de soude pour lever le noir des joints des sols il existence une méthode infaillible pour enlever la saleté des tuyaux et éviter d’appeler le plombier quand she appears. blocked.

First of all, it must be said that an unpleasant smell often comes out of our   drain pipes and our faucets due to the remains of food that tend to accumulate between the sink drain.

Drain: here's how to unclog it

Over time these become increasingly larger and tend to clog the pipes, clogging them and thus preventing water from flowing normally, thus forming blockages.

These, in the best of cases, can be eliminated with   homemade tricks   without having to spend money on maintenance by the plumber who surely will not settle for a few cents.

The trick at home

Homemade methods not only usually remove residue from the exhaust pipe, but also eliminate bad odors and leave a pleasant aroma even after the first use  .

These solutions do not contain chemical compounds and are therefore also very environmentally friendly. To use them, we need a few ingredients, such as   baking soda   and   vinegar   , which are easily available and commonly found in almost every home.

To proceed we need half a glass of each of the ingredients mentioned above, then half a glass of   baking soda   and half a glass of   vinegar   and only then can we continue.

First you must insert the baking soda into the sink, making sure that most of it ends up in   the drain pipe   , then also insert the vinegar which, in contact with the baking soda, will tend to become effervescent.

Drain: here's how to unclog it

Next, use a sponge to clean the inside of the sink which, thanks to the combination of vinegar and baking soda, will remove the   most stubborn dirt,   also having an antimicrobial and antibacterial action, giving shine to the surface.

Once cleaning is complete, rinse everything well   with hot water   so that all residue and bad odors are eliminated and our sink is shiny and odor-free.

It is advisable to repeat this operation periodically so that residue does not form in our sink and elements that tend to give off a bad smell or clog the drains do not form.

This method can be used not only for the kitchen sink, where it is most common that dirt and debris tend to clog the dishwashing drain   ,   but also for other sinks in our homes.

The   baking soda   with the   vinegar   will form a descaling action that, in addition to cleaning and making the water flow passable, will eliminate all the microbes and germs that may hide in places where it is impossible for us to act with normal daily cleaning.