This trick will save you a lot of money

In this article, you will learn how to repair a burnt out LED light bulb. This technique applies to all models of LED lamps.  To restore the damaged bulbs and save money, a simple teaspoon is enough. 

Why do the lamps burn out?

In contrast to conventional light bulbs, LED bulbs have certified low consumption. To identify a burned out LED light bulb, you should  see black rings on the base.  Next to the wire you will also see a  yellow color.

A light bulb can burn out due to poor quality or a manufacturing defect  . In general, an  increase in voltage or its instability leads  to burnout of the LED lamps. 

A source of heat and cold can also cause light bulbs to fail   . It should be clarified that  LED lights need low voltage or normal voltage to not go out.  In other words, if you turn the light bulb on and off frequently, it will eventually burn out. Finally, the cause can also  be a broken or damaged socket.

This trick will save you a lot of money 

To repair a burned out LED light bulb using a teaspoon, disassemble the light bulb by forcefully pushing out the lantern part.  Identify the faulty LED where the black dot is and scrape that part.

Connect with  solder to the aluminum plate where the LED circuit ends   . The latter ensures a direct connection. Heat the spoon handle with a lighter and place it on the solder to melt   Then simply test the function of the light bulb.