You don’t need a garden, this is how to grow strawberries at home for free

Do you want to know how to grow strawberries at home but don’t know where to start?

grow strawberries

Don’t worry, strawberries are one of those crops that with a couple of basic care and a couple of simple rules to remember, will reward you with the tastiest strawberries you have ever tasted.

How to grow strawberries at home

The best strawberries you can try  are those grown at home  . When sold in the supermarket, they are usually  picked a little green  (otherwise they would not reach the consumer in good condition), which prevents the strawberry from producing all the sugars it is capable of.

How to grow strawberries

Thus, the more sugar a strawberry produces, the more strawberry flavor it has. By growing them at home, it is possible to harvest them at the right time,  when they are already loaded with sugars and nutrients.

What is the best strawberry variety to grow?

There are many types of strawberries, each with different flowering times: some bloom once a year, others spend the entire year in bloom. Don’t be confused,  the care of all the strains is practically the same  , just choose the ones that catch your attention or the ones that excite you the most.

wild strawberry plant

Wild strawberries are super small,  but they make up for it with a very intense flavor, they are very productive and, if we don’t have ideal light at home, they are also the best. They are practically not available in supermarkets because they are stored little or not at all,  you have to eat them the same day they are picked.

Where to plant strawberries: light and climate.

Strawberries  are a good source of antioxidants,  including anthocyanins, which give them their characteristic red color.

Antioxidants help  protect cells from free radical damage  and may have health benefits, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. All reasons to always have them fresh and at zero cost.

Strawberries love the sun,  so choose a sunny location,  with about seven hours of direct sunlight. But, although it is a great sun lover, it tolerates shade quite well, although its production will be much lower.

This fruit supports a wide range of temperatures. Its optimal temperature, where new stems, flowers and fruits develop, is 10-13ºC at night and 18-22ºC during the day.

To grow them at home you don’t need much, just set aside some plastic bottles, the wider the better. They are then  cut in half with a cutter,  after which holes are made around the packages with a hot punch or screwdriver.

You can use both the part with the lid and the ones with the bottom part. Now we can tie a string to the sides,  so we can hang them in the sun.

To grow strawberry seedlings,  place them in a plastic bag or plastic wrap. Then you put some soil and a slice of banana with all the peel, and then the strawberry seedlings. The plastic closes to keep everything collected.

How to grow strawberries

After 15 days  , once the seedlings have been removed from the bags, you will see that they have begun to grow many small roots. Each seedling is placed  in the soil that has been poured into pots hanging in the sun, exactly in the center.

We water them regularly and after two months we will see how the strawberry plants gain strength and become revitalized. After just three and a half months we will have many plants with strawberries ready to be picked, very ecological and at no cost.